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Home Theater Installations

When it comes to making necessary home adjustments to better suit entertainment wants and needs, adding a customized cinema room or home theater is unquestionably a brilliant idea. There is nothing like watching the championship basketball game or favorite scary movie on a big screen. The thrilling action of any show, coupled with cinematic surround sound, instantly will immerse all watchers.

Surround Sound Design & Install

Creating the perfect atmosphere for a cinema room involves several key things. Out of these important things, improving the acoustics of a cinema room is probably the most essential. By relying on O.S.A, new sound equipment and technology can be integrated into existing sound systems. In general, we are able to design, sell and install various sound systems for a multitude of applications. We also are capable of reviving an old audio system to peak condition. Most importantly, we provide endless information to ensure that every customer will have the sound system they need.

Sound Systems That Meet Needs

In most homes, O.S.A understands that entertainment is mostly carried out in the family room. The sight of cluttered entertainment is not entertaining at all. O.S.A will help eliminate clutter by pinpointing a sound system that will fit comfortably in every customer's budget and cinema room. At a touch of a button, any cozy den can be transformed into a private Cineplex.

Full-Service Installation - Regardless if purchased from us or not

Unlike any other company, we have absolutely no problem with installing equipment that is bought outside of O.S.A. From LCD TV's to Plasma TV's and surround sound packages, after shopping for terrific deals all day, we will gladly handle the customization of installation around the home. As previously stated, we are happy to deliver services that will meet the wants and needs of every customer.