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Residential Systems

Nothing is more important than keeping your family safe. When they realize a home has a monitored security system, evidence shows they try to commit crimes elsewhere. 24/7 O.S.A provides the very best in protection for your family and property. Criminals will need to go somewhere else to find their target.
O.S.A offers a wide variety of products and services specifically designed for your family's needs and financial situation. We provide state-of-the-art security systems to guarantee you the best in fire and security protection.
It can be tough to balance both cost and effectiveness of your home security system. We take care of that though by providing a custom fit home protection program for you and your family. At O.S.A we guarantee a rapid response to any emergency every hour of every day. Our top of the line security system can assist your family in case of an emergency or burglary whether you are at home or not.
You can contact an O.S.A Professional now at (908) 497-0361. We can arrange an in home evaluation of your security at no charge to you, or simply answer your security related questions. During our in home evaluation we will check your house, and ask you about the security you are interested in. Then we will recommend a few solutions that we feel will best keep your family and personal belongings safe.
Here is a sample of a few of the features we provide:
Fire and Burglar Alarms: Deter theft and protect your home from fires with our highly advanced security system. Our 24/7 monitoring service ensures that you are always protected.

Home Security Automation: Our security system provides full automated control of most house systems. From scheduling your lights to turn off and on at certain times, to adjusting the temperate of your home for guests, our system gives you complete control from any touch-tone phone.

Carbon Monoxide Detectors: Carbon Monoxide is odorless, colorless, and deadly. It is vital that your household is protected with the most safe and reliable method available. Our carbon monoxide detectors are hardwired and monitored by professionals 24/7. They are directly connected to medical help to ensure a rapid response if required.

Medical Emergency Alert System and Panic Button: There should never be a time where you or your family are unable to reach a telephone for any type of emergency. The panic alarm and emergency medical alert system ensure that no matter the time or situation, police or medical help can be called.

Smoke Detectors: A dead battery can is a serious safety concern for most smoke detectors. We provide hardwired or wireless, with a monitored battery backup, smoke detectors. These smoke detectors are on 24/7, even if your security alarm is off. The detector is monitored all day, and the local fire department can be dispatched immediately if it is required.

Re-program an Already Installed System: A previously installed alarm system is easily integrated into our central station. This comes at no cost to you. After the re-programing it only costs $21 a month. A much better deal than the $35 many other companies charge. No long contract is needed either. Just a one year monitoring commitment that you can cancel at anytime as long as there is a 30 day notice.