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Commercial Systems

Keep your business safe against break-ins and theft with our security system. Crime is something that you shouldn't be focusing on as a business owner. You work on increasing your business, and let us focus on protecting and preparing it for emergencies.
The cost of theft to businesses every year is numbered in the millions. O.S.A. offers an efficient and potent way to combat these problems. For further protection O.S.A. offers Video Surveillance which will assist in preventing false liability claims, burglary, and monitors the premise to keep everything recorded and safeguard your business.
We don't just leave you in the dark either. O.S.A. will show you how to use the system as an administrative tool and raise employee efficiency along with improving many other business activities.
O.S.A. offers this service at a low cost and is a flexible system that will grow with your business.

Advantages of an O.S.A. system

Help day to day business operations
Increase employee efficiency
Can decrease the price of insurance
Helps employees stay safe
Reduce theft both internal and otherwise.
Assist against fraudulent accident claims.
Allow you to keep an eye on your business from anywhere with remote monitoring.

Many products and services including:

Fire and Burglar Alarms: Deter theft and protect your business from fires with our highly advanced security system. Our 24/7 monitoring service ensures that you are always protected.

Emergency Button and Hold-up Alarms: With the press of a button your staff have instant access to emergency services. They can be set up as wireless devices, or located in a fixed accessible place.

Surround Sound Design and Installation: The proper sound installation and well designed acoustics are great ways to promote a cinematic experience. At O.S.A we design, supply, and set up sound systems for many uses. We can also merge new sound systems into old ones. If you have an audio system already, we can make it work as well as it should have in the first place.

Re-program an Already Installed System: A previously installed alarm system is easily integrated into our central station. This comes at no cost to you. After the re-programing it only costs $21 a month. A much better deal than the $35 many other companies charge. No long contract is needed either. Just a one year monitoring commitment that you can cancel at anytime as long as there is a 30 day notice.

Video Surveillance System: Both internal and external video surveillance systems are available to match what your business requires. They include high resolution imaging, motion tracking, and remote access online.

Access Control: You have the ability to limit or prevent various areas of your business from being accessed in order to ensure your property and employees are kept safe.

Data and Voice Cabling: It is vital to have proper wiring and cabling installed by a professional in order to get the best performance out of your system. For more information click here.