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About Us

O.S.A. is privately owned and operated by David Potash and with twenty years of experience our company has established itself as a leader in wiring based technology in the New Jersey area. We employ trained and highly skilled professionals to ensure that our customers are always well satisfied with our service and professionalism.

One of the ways in which O. S. A. is a leader in the industry is our quality control. Each of our jobs is an individual assignment which is taken very seriously. Our professionals make sure that they have done the job right and then check again to be confident that the customer has gotten the work they deserve. Quality control covers all aspects of the service. We do the job right and then check up on ourselves so the customer doesn’t have to worry about anything.

We do work for both commercial and residential customers. The excellence of our wiring services is a source of pride in our company whether it is for a security system or for a home theater. Our residential or commercial alarm systems are designed to be both state of the art technology as well as carefully put in to be at once unobtrusive and all enveloping.

For the security systems we monitor we have personnel present 24/7 to ensure the highest level of safety for our customers. We make sure that each account is a known quantity and that any notification of trouble is taken very seriously. After all, the person who had the security system put in deserves to have the peace of mind he or she paid for.

No matter what services we perform for you, our staff are dedicated to giving their best. We service many different manufacturers’ products and our personnel are well trained in how to properly install all of them. We take great pride in our ability to install and maintain the cutting edge products our discerning clientèle desire. Professional and up to date technicians are the backbone of the company and Mr. Potash rests his reputation on the strength of our people so he personally ensures that each person sent out on an assignment is the most qualified for the job.

In the New Jersey area there is no better company for wiring and technology based security or sound systems than O.S.A. We are proud of our work and proud of our people. David potash stands squarely behind all of our products and services

  •  NJ State Business License: 34BF00013600
  •  NJ State Burglar Alarm License: 34BA00006700
  •  NJ State Fire Alarm License: 34FA00006700
  •  Home Improvement Contractor: 13VH01196000
  •  Low voltage wiring exemption: 1354