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Our Products and Features

Camera and Video Surveillance – With these affordable options, you can see who is at your entry door, keep an eye on your children and watch your home while you are away. You can view your household cameras remotely via a secure Internet website.

Intercoms – Our state-or-the art intercoms provide an easy way to communicate with those at the front gate, entry door or in different locations of your home.

Motion Detectors- Motion detectors can be a critical component of a good alarm system. Even if you have pets, we can design a system that distinguishes them from intruders inside your home and alerts the authorities quickly.

Alphanumeric Touchpads - Text displays provide easy-to-read system status. Quickly identify which door or window is being breached…and where a break-in may be occurring…before exiting the house.

2- or 4-button Keyfobs - Turn your system on and off with a simple remote touchpad that fits on your keychain.

With Features such as:

Pet Immune Motion Detectors - No more false alarms from spiders or blowing curtains. And pets can roam freely without setting off an alarm.

One-Touch Arming - Allows you to arm the system without using an access code. Also enables specific individuals like service personnel (i.e. cleaning staff) to arm without having access to any other alarm system operations.

Multiple User Codes – This feature allow you to provide different codes for outside personnel, such as caretakers, cleaning staff or contractors.

Wireless Capability - Hard to reach areas of your home can be protected using non-destructive and easy-to-install wireless devices.

Individual Area Security - A single system can be used to secure individually controlled areas. This feature lets you arm and disarm home offices, apartments and detached garages without affecting the security of other areas.

All of these features are available in affordable, easy to install, easy to operate systems.